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WoW has changed and so have players

5 years ago when I started playing, the game wasn't like this. Far from it actually. I remember the days when PvP was implemented and I had to run to Ashenvale in order to be able to queue for WSG, and it actually took something like 3 hours (or more!) to call me into battle. I remember people actually listening to a self-proclaimed leader in Battlegrounds and winning because of his guidance. I remember having to travel cross-continent to reach the instance I was going to do with the 4 people who I took 1 hour and a half finding. Then I took another 2 hours to clear the instance. Everything took a looooong time. Was it better than modern WoW?

I call the current era (after BC, but mainly after WotLK) the Modern WoW.

Today, I can join a PvP match from anywhere with a low queue time. No one listens to each other there as it's just a contest on who has the highest Battlegrounds per hour (and therefore more Honor, even though there are better ways to get more honor). People farm it to get gear quickly and easily. I can join any instance (even a random one with an extra reward). I don't even have to know where the instance is, I just get teleported there. Again, people farm this like crazy because it's easy, free of hassle and they can get shiny epics with close to no effort.

With these apparently simple changes, the whole players' mentality changed too. I sense that there's not such a great spirit of accomplishment like there was back in 2005, and we didn't even have achievement points. Our achievements were actually rewarded with items that other people could see (and admire if they like) instead of some points that serve no purpose. I mean, you can still feel fulfilled even without showing others how many things you've done, because you've experienced them, and that's what should matter. Effort should be recognised, but why should it be as simple as a number?

Modern WoWfare changed players. It has its good points too obviously, but a great part of the whole game is gone for good now...

Do you think Cataclysm will let this continue to be like this, or will all those changes to the group experience of the game (including Guild XP and new PuG options) cause a good impact in the social atmosphere?

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Published by Blackwolf Tuesday, October 26, 2010

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