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The Just My Two Copper Forums are the biggest source for free information on how to make gold in World of Warcraft. In there, you can find tips, strategies, techniques, for every market and for every case. Still, you might get confused when you first join, and stumble upon all those thousands of posts, which may not seem clear for you at first. This is a small guide explaining what to do if you want to become a successful auctioneer on your server, and how to use the Just My Two Copper Forums to do it. I will tell you how to use all the sections on the Forum in order to achieve great sucess in making WoW gold.

Index of the Forum

These are the main sections you will find useful for your journey to sucess:
  • General Discussions
  • Strategies
  • Link Love
  • Addons

First things first

Before you read anything, you must realise that every piece of information in there comes from all the users' knowledge on their own economies. You can find the most brilliant minds in there, but remember that you shouldn't take every piece of advice there blindly, mainly because every server is different. Population, Alliance/Horde Ratio, lots of factors come into play when it comes to the economy status, and you should always think for yourself and investigate your markets before actually doing anything recommended there, because what works for them is not 100% guaranteed to work for you. If you find that it actually works for you, then great, do it. But bear in mind that nothing is guaranteed. That is the first step in learning how to be successful using the Forums.

Learning and putting it to use

With that in mind, if you're new to the Gold Making Community and struggle to make gold at the moment, your first temptation might be posting on the "OMG I can't make Gold" board and ask for help, which is not the right thing to do. You see, to become a successful businessman, you must read a lot first. That is the first and main thing to do when you're there.
  • Read the Strategies Board to learn lots of strategies for gold making. That could be for the Auction House itself, Farming, taking advantage of Holidays (some of them can be really profittable), and learning how to use your Professions for maximum profit. There's always a recipe you have overlooked and perhaps you could profit with it. There's always some things about specific markets that you don't know!
  •  Learn what addons to use and how to configure them in the Addons Board; Addons take a great part in an Auctioneer's life, because time is money, and the more automated your routines are, the more money you will earn. This is a concept you should learn as soon as possible. You'll realise that addons are a must when it comes to making money.
  • Find out more sources of information through the Link Love section. This is where you'll find links to the JMTC members' websites, and you will be able to learn more by reading their blogs, as they often share knowledge in there that's not on the JMTC Forums.
  • Also, find some time in your busy schedule to roam around the General Discussion Forum. Introduce yourself, share your server's trends and interesting events. Share how you made your fortune in the Rags to Riches section, suggest something new (or report something that's wrong) to the Forum, and if you're having serious trouble with something, don't hesitate to ask in the OMG I Can't Make Gold section for advice. Just be sure to come back and help others too when your questions are answered!
After you've read all the information in there, it's time to actually put it to use. I mean, you won't make any gold while browsing some Forums, right? Don't be afraid to fail (it will happen sometimes, you can't help it), and put those techniques to practice. Start small, and then just broaden your horizons as soon as you get the money and the will to do it.

After JMTC, your perception is different

When you become a well informed person, and put yourself out there actually playing in the AH, experience will come to you naturally just like in anything else that you do. You won't become a successful auctioneer in 1 day, only over time you will develop your skill, and it's only up to you to achieve the state of Auction House Master. Try hard, and use every piece of information you get your hands on. Soon, you'll become a sucessful auctioneer, and you'll be able to think for yourself how to succeed on your server, thanks to the JMTC Forums.

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