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After all my game sessions, I mail the stuff I don't need to my lower level Paladin, who is my Bank Alt at the moment. Posting all the stuff on the AH might seem like an endless job, but it's not. All thanks to Auctioneer and its Appraiser part.

If the video is hard to understand, here are the details of all you have to do.

1. What you need is Auctioneer, and goods to sell.

2. At the AH, do a complete scan of all the auctions. The time it takes varies, depending on your PC and depending on if you choose a quick scan, or a normal scan.

3. After the scan is complete, click on the 'Appraiser' tab, on the bottom of the AH Window. This will bring up a new window with options like Stack Size, Number of Stacks, Batch Posting, etc. What you want to do, is select the items you want to sell on the list on the left of the window (this has to be done one by one, but it's really easy). Then, just choose your stack size, and click 'Enable Batch Posting' (the price should be set to Market Price already, so you probably don't have to worry with that).

  • 3.1. What stack size should you choose?

    That depends on what item you're selling, and how many of those items people use for their professions (or any other purpose). Let me show you some examples.

    *Metal Bars
    People use these for Blacksmithing mainly. What you have to do is find out the most popular BS recipes and set your bar stack size accordingly. If it doesn't work, sell them 1 by 1, as it's most likely to sell rather than in full stacks. And you can often raise the price a bit if you're selling them 1 by 1. Why? Because people who only need 2 bars prefer to buy 2 bars costing 10g each, than buying a full stack costing 150g. Wouldn't you do the same if you were the buyer?

    *Unidentified Plant Parts (check them out in the Video)
    These can be handed in for reputation in Zangarmarsh, in stacks of 10. So, what stack size do you think people will buy the most? Of course, any multiple of 10. 10, 20, 30, 100...You choose.
 4. After all the details on the Appraiser tab are decided, and every item you want to sell is 'Enable Batch Posting' ticked, just Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Click the 'Batch Post' button, and the items will be posted automatically.

And that's it. If you have any question, let me know below!

Published by Blackwolf Monday, March 15, 2010

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