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I always need more points. Both XP points and talent points. I also need coins...loads of the gold ones, preferably. Let's talk about all these things!


I was using a Blood/Unholy spec when I started my DK, but after a comment from a reader (Jenna) a few days ago, I reviewed it, and realized it had many flaws. I have now changed it and this how it currently looks like:


I decided not to choose Dancing Rune Weapon because I rarely use it, and I tried to maximise the damage, by raising Strength, and raising the damage of the spells I use the most, like Heart Strike. I also decided to remove a few points I had put in the Frost tree previously as they weren't that much of a help. Right now, at level 65, I'm focusing on the Unholy tree, as I think the Blood one is quite good, and I'm aiming to go as far as the Unholy Blight spell level (is that even possible? Haven't done the Maths ^^).


The income is being quite good actually. I am now sitting on 500g with close to no AH effort, which is amazing. Here are some screenshots of my banker's current AH situation (remember, I still haven't leveled my professions much, so no high level mats yet!):

I think I'm doing good considering the few hours I played, and note that most of them were spent leveling the DK, who is only 65 still.

Comment below what you're thinking about my progress!


Published by Blackwolf Friday, March 5, 2010

1 Responses to A few more points and coins, please!

  1. Jenna Says:
  2. You, literally, have JUST enough points to get to Unholy Blight, if you spend only what is needed to get to it in the Unholy tree. It would take you until level 80 to get it though.

    I think you'll find Blood to be VERY kind, as far as allowing you to take a little more abuse and survive. (I actually do some Northrend mining on my level 73 DK and can fight off one or two non-caster level 80 mobs if I am careful.)

    You look like you're doing great! Congrats on 66!


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