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 Yes, it's a nice acronym for Too Greedy (2G). ^^

This week, I implemented the MVP section on Too Greedy, and you're the ones who vote for Too Greedy's Most Valuable Post(s). Very few voted already, and if you want to make me know what you think about "old" posts, now's the time. It's on the sidebar. Only a few days left until the poll closes! It won't be there forever.

Other business...
I've been Horde for 2 weeks now, and it's definitely being an interesting experience. Still, I keep getting kicked out of the Alliance area in Dalaran, because I'm so used to get in it to reach the portals. In 2 weeks, I still miss the Horde zone. Oh well, hopefully I'll learn soon!

Economy wise, MMO Champion's guides had little to no effect on the herb, glyphs, or leather markets. I guess not many people tried them. Did anything change on your servers?

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Published by Blackwolf Saturday, October 3, 2009

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  1. Geforce Says:
  2. The mmo-champ post only affected my profits because other competitiors that were there long before decided to post everything for 2-5g in the last days.
    There hasn't been new competition, just the old ones learning "new" tricks

  3. Sarainy Says:
  4. There was almost no change at all in my current market (JC/DE) - in fact the only change at all recently was due to Abyssal Shatter, nothing to do with more AH players or anything like that.

    In saying that, most of the people I talked to about it who were interested in starting to play the AH, but weren't already, just realised how much work and time goes in to it and thought they would stick to their dailies or farming.

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. I would say it has had a definate effect on my server. Adders Tongue is in limited and overpriced amounts on the AH and there are 2 or 3 new glyph sellers all clearly using QA2 and reposting regularly. Im having to repost far more often than previously and sales are down.

  7. Kohaku Says:
  8. hihi :3

    I have that problem of being kicked out of the Alliance portal area when I'm on Horde toon... it's horrible >_<

    MMO champion's post didn't affect my server much... I actually had increased sales during wkend... not sure why. Infinite dust prices ROSE... I was looking forward to stockpiling em too -_- oh wells!



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