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From now on, Sunday posts are not guaranteed to happen, depending on a few things (explained on the next paragraph), and because of the fact that on Sundays, blog attendances are very low.

So, if I have something important to say related to the blog, it will be posted on Sundays. If not, Sundays may not have any scheduled post as usual at 6:00 AM GMT. I hope you all understand this.

Saturday posts are now changed also (as you may have noticed already), and may become similar to the now "old Sunday posts". Explanation is already on the bottom of the blog page. For those who haven't noticed yet:

"Saturday and Sunday posts are usually related to the blog itself, or any other topic which may not be about my game play experience."
This means that weekend posts are kind of more relaxed, and may bring some funny nonsense attached :)

Besides all this, the posts from Monday through Friday remain unchanged.

Have a nice Sunday! :)

Published by Blackwolf Sunday, September 20, 2009

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