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Yesterday was a very good day for me. In 3 hours, a lot of good things happened:

1) I made about 2k gold selling glyphs (and some are still in the mailbox because they sold after I logged out).

2) I did Utgarde Keep Heroic with an amazing PuG. It was the daily heroic, and I'm now only 6 [Emblems of Triumph] away from my T9 shoulders (Nobundo's Shoulderguards of Conquest)

3) I reached level 70 on my mage. (Thanks to the amazing Ding80 Leveling Guide)
I got his professions to a Northrend skill level also. (Tailoring and Enchanting)

And last, but not least:

I discovered a nice place to farm Icy Dragonscales - The Primordial Hatchlings in Sholazar Basin. They have a 25-30% chance of dropping the Scales and these Scales are currently selling for a lot of money (just like Nerubian Chitin) because of the Ulduar patterns that require these. If you need quick money just pop to that place and you'll get quite a few scales easily and very quickly.

It was a great day. And I can't wait for my new shoulders in 3 days!
Hope you find the farming place helpful. ;)

Published by Blackwolf Sunday, August 23, 2009

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