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Patch 3.2 was a great boost on my wallet. I went from 20k to 60k in a couple of days! Here is how I did it:

Titanium - I had stockpiled close to 200 stacks of Titanium Ore. Sold 125 stacks on patch day and the following day, making a total 32-33k gold.

Obsidian Hatchlings - This was more of a random way I found of making money. I saw this new pet sold in Dalaran, the Obsidian Hatchling which costs 40g. Bought a few a posted 1 at the AH for 599g. It sold within minutes! When it sold, I posted another one, this time for 499g (because I had been undercut by someone). This one also sold quickly. After that I sold a few more for 499g. All this made me a total of nearly 2k gold. That's free money!

Glyphs - Glyphs of Obliterate were selling like crazy! It was impossible to have enough. 2 minutes after I posted the first 10, they were sold already. Then I crafted 50, and sold them quickly through the night. Other recently popular glyphs were selling well too, like Glyph of Seal of Vengeance (for Paladins) and other Death Knight glyphs (these were sold within seconds of the Obliterate ones, obviously bought by respecced DKs). Glyphs awarded me 1-2k on patch day.

Epic Gems - Surprisingly they weren't selling very well at first, but as time went by, and after raid times ended (after 22 PM), they started selling, awarding me another 1-2k gold. Red and Blue ones were the ones I sold for better amounts. The other colours weren't very popular on patch day.

As you see, making 40k wasn't hard. I spent close to 3 hours at the AH on patch day, that's 13,333g an hour. Let's hope for even better results on 3.3! :)

Published by Blackwolf Friday, August 21, 2009

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